After matching

Once a match is made, you and your COVID-19 Match will take complete ownership of the process. The idea behind South Bend COVID-19 Match program is to connect vulnerable people to those who are at low risk for COVID-19 that are willing and able to help in this time of recommended social distancing. When you meet your match what you do and how often you do it is completely up to you.


Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Call every couple of days to check in

  • Make a homemade card

  • Offer to pick up groceries or prescriptions

  • Deliver a homemade meal

What about money?

This is a private citizen-run volunteer project. We do not have the funds to help with costs. We recommend that matches use a reimbursement system if they are able or to use cash or personal checks. We want these to be trusting relationships between matches and remove ourselves from the relationship once the match is made.